Chillin Like a Villain with Ozark 3 and John G

Celebrating a Special Oh Gurl Podcast Birthday Oh, Gurl! A funny podcast with Jeni and Shellane

Hey y'all! November 24 is Shellane's birthday and rather than just wait on Tuesday, Jeni wanted everyone to help her celebrate. This episode we learn all about Shellane's favorite things. From pecan pie to blind squirrels, Jeni gets down to the nitty gritty around Shellane's birthday. Won't you join along? — Send in a voice message:
  1. Celebrating a Special Oh Gurl Podcast Birthday
  2. Superstitions and Food Trucks
  3. One Final Farewell to Halloween
  4. Halloween Ghosts and Gurls with Heather Dobson
  5. Resting Witch Face

Today the Gurls talk about their dogs, working out, and get a chance to sit back and chill with Hotlanta talent, John Gettier. Hear about how a long bus ride back to his car ended up with a suprise chat with Al Pacino.