Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice, Sort of…

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The cooler temps tells us that autumn is around the corner and that means pumpkin spice and everything nice. One Gurl thinks #pumpkin spice is incredible and the other thinks it’s Satan’s drink. It can’t be too bad because back in 2018, Jeffrey Dean Morgan was at Senoia Coffee and Cafe and ordered an ice pumpkin spice latte with almond milk and two extra shots!

The Gurls talk about their favorite pastime of checking out the retail stores’ Halloween decorations. With the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing, it appears that the retail stores went straight to Christmas! Is it too soon or just say let’s get 2020 over with?

Not the mask we had in mind for Halloween!

Lastly, we want your scary stories so we can get our Halloween Spooky episode ready to go in October. Send them to so we can get them on the air!


Season 2 is finally here!

We are back and ready to give you more shenanigans and laughter!

What once started out as an idea has officially made it to Season 2! The Gurls are back and they have so much to tell us. One Gurl landed a job in Atlanta and the other landed a trip to surgery. Not to fear, all is fine in the shenanigans department.

More drinks and dish!

The Gurls also announce their nomination for the Podcast Awards! Check out the entire list of nominees here:

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Last but not least, the Gurls are ramping up for a phenomenal October. Once again they ask for your scariest stories, haunted house stories (like Halloween Horror Nights) or funniest Halloween memories. Also, if you have any pictures of previous Halloween costumes, we want to see! Send them in to the show and we will show you off.

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Listener Collaboration Time!

Can’t you tell how much the Gurls want to bring you this fun-filled episode! Big thank you to Irene, Daniel, and Shae for your submissions. These stories are fantastic and can’t wait to tell some of the other stories in an upcoming episode.

Also, fan favorite, Maria sent in a unique drink of the week suggestion. However, the Gurls may pass on this one; just thinking out loud.

Make sure to tune in to hear about some Sex on the Beach and Peanuts and Orange Juice. It’ll have you rolling for sure!

It’s all here at:


Mermaid Pants and Purple Voodoo

Episode 3 kicks off with the drink of the weekend, Purple Voodoo. Jeni talks about how her favorite cocktail lead to her in a Gay Deli at 4am!

The gurls also talk about their love for Cobra Kai, specially her “slight” obsession with William Zabka. Shellane’s Behind the Background story and Jeni’s Tales of the Tourguide takes us through a nostalgic look at the You Tube hit.

Finally, the gurls share their strange experience on the streets of Nola. Two words: Mermaid Pants.


Angry Balls and The Walking Dead

Have you ever heard of a drink called Angry Balls? Well in case you hadn’t, Shellane describes her love affair with this delicious drink. Plus Behind the Background with The Walking Dead’s episode 14 and a whole lot more. Pour yourself a drink and click on the link 👇🏽👇🏻 below

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Oh Girl Podcast’s Inaugural Episode

Today’s episode introduces us to Jeni and Shellane, two crazy Gen X girls who love life and a good cocktail. We learn a little about how where they’re from and how they met. Although they live in two different states, their lives ironically parallel simular paths such as high school band woes, their love of dental appointments (not), and of course The Walking Dead. Pour yourself a drink and click that link 👇🏽👇🏻 because it’s going to be a great time.


We Finally Made It!

Oh Gurl Podcast is live!

Ever have those days when things seem to get you? Well we feel you on that one. How about you pour your drink and click this link below. You’ll see get an idea of what Oh Gurl is all about.