Trailer Hitches and Crazy Bitches

Hey y’all! Here we are at the end of another week! Thank you for starting your weekend with us.

Trailer hitches can be a person’s best friend on the highway, especially if someone follows you too close. Listen how one Cadillac decided to test this theory out only to discover it doesn’t work when the other vehicle is a Jeep! Also, you lucky listeners get not one but TWO drink recipes this week guaranteed to start your weekend off right. It all starts right here at #ohgurlpodcast🍻

Disclaimer: Oh Gurl Podcast does not condone nor support drinking and driving so be sure you stay safe out there.

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Jeans and Jackie

There comes a time when every girl goes to buy a pair of jeans. The problem is that finding the PERFECT pair is like finding a needle in a haystack. One of the Gurls would rather go the OB/GYN than go shopping for jeans. (Yes she hates it that much!)

So many to choose from!

The other Gurl talks about the time when two boys decided to chew and spit out fingernails during one of her tours! Absolutely disgusting, right? You gotta hear about what happened and whether they got a chance to live another day to talk about it. 🤣🤣

No, you didn’t!

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Birthday Gurl Weekend!

August 1st is our very own Jeni Dees birthday! Woo Hoo!!! This weekend the Gurls talk about birthday stories, zodiac signs, birthstones and you know the drink of the week.

Happy Birthday Queen Jeni!

Be sure to tune to see what your birthday drink is and which Gurl shares a birthday with:

Jason Mamoa ❤️❤️

And which Gurl shares a birthday with this creep:

Dear Lord 😳

It’s all here👉🏽👉🏽


Playing a Little Catch Up with Y’all!

This week the Gurls talk about their summer binges on Netflix! Jeni’s movie selections seemed to be more on the fun and humorous side. Shellane’s choices had Jeni worried 😳. Tune in to see which movies they watched and also catch up on another segment of Things We Love and Things We Hate.  For this week’s drink, you may want to find your ice cube trays. You’re going to need them,😂😂

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Here is where you can get the recipe for Shark Infested Water!👇🏾👇🏾



Summertime is Here!

Hey y’all! Happy Fourth of July to everyone and even though we understand there is a pandemic going on, we still want to bring on the holiday spirit. Beaches and fireworks may be cancelled but we do know it’s Happy Hour somewhere. Today we talk about previous roadtrips to the carnivals, projectile dog poop (yes you read right), and funnel cake. You know there’ll be a whole lot of squirrelin’ and of course our weekly drink.

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Guests Lifestyle

Wedding Bells are Ringing!

(L) Jeni and Ish, (R) Shellane and Dean

Today is our very own Jeni and Ish’s weddding anniversary. What better way to start of the wedding than to have a special wedding episode of Oh Gurl Podcast. Included in today’s festivities are Haunted AF’s, Julie Fisk and Gurl listener Judy J’s wedding stories. Break out the bubbly, it’s time for Oh Gurl!!!

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Shellane and Dean

Oh Gurl Podcast Road Adventures!

Jeni and Shellane head to Walker Stalker!

This week the Gurls finally talk about that infamous road trip to the Omni Hotel! It only took them 45 mins to get there, but finding the actual garage to getting there? Well, that is where the fun begins! We have the shoutouts of the week, road trip snack recommendations, and what happened with Jon B and Jeni at Walker Stalker? Tune in this week to find out! Be sure to check us out on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! Rate and review pretty please on Apple Podcast!

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Wanna know what happened? Gotta listen! 😊

We’re talking Walking Dead and Flaming Grills This Week!

This week we talk about fun times working together in Senoia, flaming grills and why one particular “Gurl” has nightmares about blueberries! Click right here to join on the fun! 👉🏽


Music Makes the People Come Together, Part 2

Time to tease your hair and put on your parachute pants while you pour yourself some Bartles and James! Today’s episode continues talking about their music journey. Did you cut loose with some Footloose like Jeni or were you a part of the Rhythm Nation with Shellane? Either way, you’re going to love listening to part two of Music Makes the People Come Together. Please like and share, rate and review. Tell your friends the Gurls are back in town! #ohgurlpodcast🍻

Link to listen:–Part-2-ef1q0r


Music Makes the People Come Together

Episode 6

Music is the one topic that we know that brings people together. Certain songs from our youth makes us laugh, smile, and makes us feel good. Listen to today’s episode when the Gurls talk about the songs, artists, and concerts shaped their lives forever.

Which songs do you remember from YOUR youth?