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Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice, Sort of…

Listen to the latest episode here:–Sort-of-ejr063 The cooler temps tells us that autumn is around the corner and that means pumpkin spice and everything nice. One Gurl thinks #pumpkin spice is incredible and the other thinks it’s Satan’s drink. It can’t be too bad because back in 2018, Jeffrey Dean Morgan was at Senoia […]

Season 2 is finally here!

What once started out as an idea has officially made it to Season 2! The Gurls are back and they have so much to tell us. One Gurl landed a job in Atlanta and the other landed a trip to surgery. Not to fear, all is fine in the shenanigans department. The Gurls also announce […]

Trailer Hitches and Crazy Bitches

Hey y’all! Here we are at the end of another week! Thank you for starting your weekend with us. Trailer hitches can be a person’s best friend on the highway, especially if someone follows you too close. Listen how one Cadillac decided to test this theory out only to discover it doesn’t work when the […]

Listener Collaboration Time!

Can’t you tell how much the Gurls want to bring you this fun-filled episode! Big thank you to Irene, Daniel, and Shae for your submissions. These stories are fantastic and can’t wait to tell some of the other stories in an upcoming episode. Also, fan favorite, Maria sent in a unique drink of the week […]

Birthday Gurl Weekend!

August 1st is our very own Jeni Dees birthday! Woo Hoo!!! This weekend the Gurls talk about birthday stories, zodiac signs, birthstones and you know the drink of the week. Be sure to tune to see what your birthday drink is and which Gurl shares a birthday with: And which Gurl shares a birthday with […]

Playing a Little Catch Up with Y’all!

This week the Gurls talk about their summer binges on Netflix! Jeni’s movie selections seemed to be more on the fun and humorous side. Shellane’s choices had Jeni worried 😳. Tune in to see which movies they watched and also catch up on another segment of Things We Love and Things We Hate.  For this […]

Zombies, Theatre and Scary Bathrooms

This week The Gurls continue their chat with Tina and Kaleb Mitchell, the fantastic theatre couple whose love for the stage set them up for the performance of a lifetime. ❤️ They talk about how they fell in love and how a simple text turned into the most awkward first kiss. Later, Jeni talks about […]

Summertime is Here!

Today the Gurls talk about carnival rides, funnel cake and fireworks. There’s a cute story about one dog’s reaction to fireworks and how they think Ish should go on Nailed it!

Pour yourself a tall one and join in on this special edition of Oh Gurl Podcast🍻


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