Season 2 is finally here!

We are back and ready to give you more shenanigans and laughter!

What once started out as an idea has officially made it to Season 2! The Gurls are back and they have so much to tell us. One Gurl landed a job in Atlanta and the other landed a trip to surgery. Not to fear, all is fine in the shenanigans department.

More drinks and dish!

The Gurls also announce their nomination for the Podcast Awards! Check out the entire list of nominees here:

Be sure to vote for Oh Gurl Podcast here:

You will have to create an account but once you do you have access to place your vote!

Last but not least, the Gurls are ramping up for a phenomenal October. Once again they ask for your scariest stories, haunted house stories (like Halloween Horror Nights) or funniest Halloween memories. Also, if you have any pictures of previous Halloween costumes, we want to see! Send them in to the show and we will show you off.

To hear the latest episode, click here!

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